Sci Fi Trifles: The Book of Genre Trivia and Anecdotes

By | January 23, 2018

Sci Fi Trifles

Did you know that Han Solo was originally supposed to be a green-skinned alien and some of the early actors considered for the role included Billy Dee Williams, Al Pacino, and Chevy Chase? Did you know that Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski wrote a proposal for a Star Trek reboot years before the J.J. Abrams movies came out? How about that FOX originally wanted someone more like Pamela Anderson to play the role of Scully on The X-Files? Or that in 1974, science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke predicted the Internet? Ever hear of Varney the Vampire?

Science fiction and fantasy fans love their movies and television shows and books and all the forms that have brought the genre to life. And Sci Fi Trifles are quick hits that go behind the scenes and reveal obscure information and hidden facts which allow you to appreciate the genre that much more. They deliver pages of trivia, anecdotes, little known nuggets and more that present an addicting glimpse into the story behind the story of sci fi.

Sci Fi Trifles are as useless as they are essential and once you have started reading them you will wonder how you have managed to live so long without knowing them!

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