Sci Fi Finds: Cell The Web Series

By | January 25, 2018

What Is It? This thirteen-episode web series arrived from shining new creative force on the scene Mark Gardner back in 2010. It has gained acclaim from those who have seen it along with several awards, but it has sadly been overlooked by most of the sci fi community.

The Skinny: This Prisoner-esque series begins with a man named Brian waking up in a cell, but not knowing why he is there. He screams to be released before he discovers that another person is in the neighboring cell; a woman who claims she does not remember her name and she warns Brian to keep his temper under control. A man then shows up, we do not get his name, and proceeds to punish Brian for his misbehavior with an electric cattle-prod and other means. The man tells the woman that it is her job to teach Brian and keep him in line and from there follows a progression of humiliations to break the will and identity of both the inmates in a nightmarish and claustrophobic setting. This is truly an excellent web series and a must-watch for fans of intelligent, thought-provoking sci fi.

Where Can I Find It?  The first episode is included below.  You can watch the entire series on the show’s website and also on YouTube.