Kickstarter: The Fates, a Webcomic by kids 14 and under

By | January 31, 2018

About the Project:

Hello! This is our Kickstarter project for a comic called “The Fates” The comic is essentially about a girl who attempts suicide, putting her in a coma. She makes a deal with the Devil, if she can be a successful “fate” by detouring the suicide of a teen boy, she wakes up, if she fails, she dies.

If you are wondering what a fate is, let me tell you! As explained in the first episode, the fates help the world work. Whether causing a car crash to take out a psychopath or waking up a sleeping child before a house fire, they help make little or big changes in life. Of course, not all fates are people trying to win life back like Abigail is, some chose to become a fate instead of going to the afterlife. As for the technicality of what a fate “is” that’s a bit more complicated. A fate is kind of like a ghost, and can only be seen by the person they are assigned. They can choose to move objects, but they can also phase through things at will. Don’t worry it will make more sense in the comic.

Read more about the project and see samples of the artwork at this link.