Sci Fi Finds: Space Rangers

By | March 7, 2018

What Is It?  This short-lived 1993 television series follows the adventures of a misfit band of the Space Rangers Corps stationed on the edge of the explored galaxy at Fort Hope.   They must defend the colonists in their sector from menaces like inter-stellar bandits, an alien race known as the Banshees, and the most dangerous threat of all: budget cuts.

The Skinny: This is a cheesy bit of space opera that often over-stepped the reach of its budget limitations, but it had an immediate charm with plenty of potential to develop into a sleeper genre series.  It gave us the well-tread trope of a group of intrepid misfits fighting against all odds to defend those who depended on them.  And it practically stole the aliens from the Alien film franchise, though it gave them a bit of a twist.  While none of the episodes delivered what could be called first-rate genre scripts, the collection of colorful characters all had their quirky charms that somehow seemed to elevate the stories above the level of throwaway retreads.  This wasn’t the more intelligent sci fi we were seeing at the same time on television with Babylon 5 and the Star Trek sequel shows, but it mixed humor with a dour grittiness and went down quite easily.   It is definitely worth a look for some good, fun and cheesy sci fi TV.

Where Can I Find It? The entire six-episode series has been collected on DVD (though sadly not Blu-ray).

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