StargateNow: A Movement to Bring More Stargate and More Sci Fi to TV

By | March 8, 2018

Former Stargate writer and executive producer Joseph Mallozzi is spearheading a movement to get another live action series in the franchise that would likely run on the Stargate Command streaming service. He has the interest of MGM and the studio is also considering expanding the scope of SGC to become a dedicated platform for science fiction television. Mallozzi’s StargateNow initiative is asking for fans to show support on the social networks to convince MGM that there is an interest in another Stargate series. There is also a possibility that this could lead to a mini-series conclusion for Dark Matter and possibly more sci fi programming.

A major Tweet Storm is planned for this weekend, and fans are being asked to make their voices heard in an outpouring of support. A dress rehearsal on Friday March 2nd was a huge success and the hope is that the big show this coming weekend will push the needle even further. The Tweet Storm will take place on Friday March 9th in the U.S. and Saturday March 10th internationally. It starts at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST. Below are the rules for the Tweet Storm:

1: FOLLOW – Make sure you’re following @StargateNow on Twitter

2: CHECK IN – Approximately 15 minutes before the appointed time, @StargateNow will be revealing that night’s unique hashtag. This hashtag should appear in all of your tweets.

3: BE PROMPT – Start tweeting at the appointed time, but not before as it diminishes our efforts at trending.

4: USE THE DEDICATED HASHTAG – Make sure your tweet includes that night’s dedicated hashtag.

5: ONLY USE THAT ONE HASHTAG – For some reason, tweets with more than one hashtag don’t count toward trending so be sure to only use the hashtag of the night.

Here is a more detailed rundown of the rules provided by

  • We’ll have some tutorials on what we are looking for in a tweet.
  • If you have a private account, during the tweetstorms you must make the account public or they won’t count.
  • Go to your profile page and put in a location. You don’t have to get it down to the town and state. Even just the country is fine and then save it.  You can remove it after the events if you don’t want it there.
  • Fifteen min before the time we start, we will put out the hashtag in a graphic (because we don’t want to tweet this in a tweet and/or start prematurely).
  • DO NOT USE THIS HASHTAG UNTIL THE TOP OF THE HOUR WHERE YOU LIVE.  If we release it at 7:45 in your time zone for example, do not use it until 8 sharp or until you see us say “GO” on the account.
  • Only ONE hashtag in a tweet–the one we ask you to use.  If you decide to use more than one, your tweet will not count in their trending algorithm.  Just type out the other things you usually hashtag during a non-trend event.
  • UPDATE: Please include @MGM_Studios and @stargatecommand in your tweets for March 9/10. You can just put them in at the end of your tweet, but this is the best way for them to hear us!
  • Example of a tweet that will trend:  My favorite character in Stargate is Carter.  She inspired me to go into science.  #TheHashtagWeGiveYou @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand
  • Example of a tweet that will not trend (and may hurt the trend curve):  My favorite character in #Stargate is Carter.  She inspired me to go into science.  #TheHashtagWeGiveYou   (b/c there are 2 hashtags in one tweet).
  • Pictures and GIFs are weighed more heavily in the algorithm.  You can download GIFs on the Google drive we have and plan out what you might say on your tweets and what GIF/picture you might use.
  • You don’t HAVE to use GIFs of the show.  If you want to use the GIFs that are in Twitter because it is quicker, you can use those.  We’ll give you an example in the tutorial.
  • PLEASE don’t put any hashtags in images you include in your tweets. They won’t count toward trending and can confuse others about which hashtag to use.
  • When you retweet someone else’s tweet, do not add a comment to it (the “quote tweet” function).  Just point and click “retweet.”
  • Replying to a tweet is fine, but it will only count in trending if you use the given hashtag.
  • Try to limit your comments to short comments.  The last time we used this Twitter model we were still only at 140 characters; we aren’t sure what 280 characters will do to the trend curve.
  • We won’t control what you want to say (just ask that you use the assigned hashtag and ONLY that hashtag).  Sometimes if we see the tweets lagging we might give suggestions on what you should tweet about.  If you want to just talk about how you feel about the show that’s great.  Maximize your tweets–put one sentence per tweet to get your tweet count up.
  • If you tweet a lot you may get locked out of your account.  It is what people refer to as Twitter jail.  People on DarkMatterFTL tweeters felt like it was a badge of honor.  Sometimes it is only 10-15 minutes and sometimes it is an hour for the first offense.  Some people create a backup Twitter account to use just in case that happens.
  • We’ll give you examples of tweets of how to tweet using GIFs if you are new to Twitter.
  • During the tweet event we will open the direct messaging to all in case you have a problem in some way that you need help.  You do not need to let us know you are in Twitter jail.  If you have a question that needs clarification or are new to Twitter and need a little extra help on what to do, things like that would be most appropriate to ask.
  • The biggest directive of all is to HAVE FUN!!!!  Tweet like you have never tweeted before. Stargate is counting on you.

Be sure to follow StargateNow on Twitter and on Facebook to get updates and more information. And also follow Mallozzi’s blog as he chronicles his efforts to rally the fans. We will also be posting updates here and at

This is a chance for fans to stand up and have their voices heard, and MGM is definitely listening. We should all get behind this because not only could it bring us another Stargate series, it could give us that dedicated sci fi platform we have been looking for.

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