Kickstarter: Skyvault, A Modern Space Epic TV Series

By | March 21, 2018

Skyvault: A modern space epic about three adventurers who fight for their freedom against shadowy revolutionaries with ancient technology.

Skyvault is a fantasy adventure across dozens of worlds that will initially run for 12 half-hour episodes. Set in a fictional cluster of solar systems based on Texas geography, the story focuses on three individuals who decide to leave their lives of safety and familiarity in search of greater purpose in far-off lands. Their slow voyage to the stars barely begins before they encounter a mysterious group of individuals who grant them the ability to instantly jump to any world of their choosing, but only if they also agree to follow orders…

Our three protagonists are Jay Harper, an excitable former temp with a reckless thirst for adventure, Kat Bryson, a self-employed bodyguard in search of a private place to call her own, and Truman Perry, a disrespected academic who’s determined to uncover the lost secrets of the past.

Harking back to old adventure serials, Skyvault will be filled with eccentric characters, exotic locales, exciting action, and existential discoveries. It takes inspiration from classics like Indiana Jones and combines the aesthetic with more modern ensemble “road trip” shows like Firefly and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Each episode reveals a new corner of a deep and ancient world through the continuing adventures of our lovable heroes.

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