Call to Action: Fans Need to Take to the Social Nets to Show Their Support for The Expanse

By | May 14, 2018

UPDATE: Our efforts have been rewarded. Amazon has officially picked up The Expanse!!!

Syfy has announced that they will be dropping The Expanse after its third season because their arrangement with the show’s producer Alcon Television Group is not profitable based on the current ratings. But Alcon plans to shop the series around to other venues and it currently looks like Amazon is close to picking the show up.  So now is the time for fans to rally to prove to the streaming service that saving the show is the right thing to do.

What Can the Fans Do to Help?

Sign the online petition which has passed 100K signatures as of Friday morning.  Also, take to the social networks to support The Expanse and get it trending as much as possible. This coming Wednesday 5/23, we are planning another tweet-storm during the live broadcast of the latest episode using the #SaveTheExpanse hashtag.

Guidelines for best trending and what to say:

  1. Start tweeting by 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST and/or when the episode airs in your timezone.  Keep tweeting as long as you like.
  2. Use the hashtag #SaveTheExpanse (though check back here and at my Twitter feed tomorrow in case that gets changed).
  3. It’s best to use just the one hashtag for trending and also include The Expanse (not as a hashtag).
  4. Retweeting is fine, original tweets are better.  If you retweet, do not add comments.
  5. Replies are fine, but be sure to include the hashtag in your reply
  6. Include pictures and/or GIFS.  Tweets with those weigh more heavily in the trending algorithm.
  7. Mention any or all of the following @Amazon @PrimeVideo @JeffBezos @Netflix @HBO @Hulu, plus other venues that could pick up the show.  According to The Expanse Writer’s Room, Amazon is currently the best bet.
  8. Have fun, be nice, stay pumped!  Our efforts will be rewarded!
  9. See sample tweet below for one that trends well (and check the tweets I have sent from my Twitter feed for more examples).

Be sure to check back here on a regular basis for more information, and also follow the campaign progress on Twitter at @JohnnyJaySays and contact me there if you want to help with our efforts.  Also be sure to follow, as they have several actions going as well to show support.

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