Kickstarter: Illegal Alien (Indie Comic)

By | May 21, 2018


Illegal Alien is a new, twelve-issue miniseries created and written by Paul Axel and illustrated by Megan Fitts. Currently, five scripts are completed, and art for issue one is currently in production. This Kickstarter campaign is to raise the funds to produce and publish the first issue, both digitally and in print. Illegal Alien is a hard science fiction miniseries that speaks to the human drive to test oneself and discover new frontiers. Add in a Commentary on modern society and our potential future, and you’ve got the makings of a story that’s out of this world!


Illegal Alien takes place in the early 23rd century, long after humanity has weathered the ravages of climate change. Juan Bruni is a young man from Caracas, Venezuela. Juan, like the rest of the world, lives without want in an urban paradise. However, Juan earns for more – he wants to emigrate to the furthest reaches of the human frontier: Mars. The voyage will not be easy, but Juan is willing to make it to the Red Planet by any means necessary!

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Meet the Team:

Paul Axel is the creator and writer of Illegal Alien. When not writing comics, he is a high school history teacher in Chicago. You might have read his previous work, such as the historical crime drama Rotten Roots, or one of his short stories in Alterna’s IF Anthology, or Bad Kids Press’ Fractured Continuum, which is where he first worked with…

Megan Fitts, an illustrator and writer of all things fantastical, as well as the creator of comics I Am Nora and My Roommate the Dungeon Master. When not creating the next epic fantasy, Megan is seen around the Kansas City area drinking coffee and getting lost in YA fiction.


Read more about this Kickstarter and support it at this link

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One thought on “Kickstarter: Illegal Alien (Indie Comic)

  1. Paul Axel

    I’m so glad you decided to feature my project! I hope it becomes a reality.
    If anyone has any questions about the story itself (without spoiling it), I’m happy to answer!


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