Galactic Scoundrels: A Storytelling Card Game of Space-Western Mayhem

By | July 2, 2018

Galactic Scoundrels is a storytelling card game with a space-western theme and beautiful, gritty artwork (designed by Kevin Cates). Players gamble and bluff each other to win a job and then tell the shared story of that job by playing cards. Each job is a mini-adventure lasting 15-20 minutes, with spaceships, crew, cargo, strange and wonderful characters, and exciting twists.

The game has simple rules, which can be learned in about ten minutes. This allows players to emphasize storytelling, negotiation, and social interaction. A full game lasts 90 minutes or so, but players often just play as many stories as they feel inspired to tell.

Galactic Scoundrels invites players to draw on classic sci-fi film and TV tropes, but lots of players make up their own stories entirely. For those players who are nervous that they won’t tell a “good” story, the cards provide just enough guidance to help. Many players find collaborating on the story so enjoyable that there’s very little “make other players suffer”-style gameplay. Instead, the joy of a great story often becomes the object of the game.

If you like gambling, negotiating with your friends, piloting a spaceship, and telling crazy stories about your adventures, then Galactic Scoundrels is the game for you.

Learn more about Galactic Scoundrels and help fund the project at this link.

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