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This Week in Sci Fi TV: HBO to Spend Big on Game of Thrones Spin-Offs, Alex Garland TV Series in the Work, and More

By | March 16, 2018

 HBO Plans on “Going Big” with the Game of Thrones Spin-Offs There is still very little in the way of details on the upcoming Game of Thrones spin-offs, but HBO has indicated they are willing to throw a lot of money at these new shows. Speaking at the INTV conference, HBO senior VP of drama Francesca Orsi said… Read More »

Sci Fi Box Office: A Wrinkle in Time Opens at Number 2, Black Panther Passes One Billion Dollars

By | March 13, 2018

 The fantasy film A Wrinkle in Time had its debut at the theaters this past weekend and it was the Number 2 Box Office earner pulling in $33 million in the United States. That has it on target for a domestic tally of around $100 million, but it cost that much to produce meaning the film will need… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV: Galaxina TV Series in the Works, Jon Favreau Joins the Star Wars Universe, and More

By | March 10, 2018

 Sci Fi TV Development: Galaxina, Hiding in Time, and More Is the well running dry for sci fi TV ideas?  It would seem to be based on the announcement that Crown International Pictures plans on reviving their B-Movie Galaxina as a television series. That 1980 film parodied Star Wars and Star Trek and the genre in general and… Read More »

Sci Fi Box Office: Black Panther Remains on Top; A Wrinkle in Time Debuts This Weekend

By | March 6, 2018

 Black Panther remained firmly at the top of the Box Office chart as it pulled in another $66 million this past weekend and has now become the tenth highest grossing domestic film of all-time (and the third quickest to reach half a billion). That one has reached $900 million worldwide and could potentially hit the billion dollar mark… Read More »

The Shape of Water and Other Genre Films Scored Some Big Wins at the Oscars

By | March 5, 2018

 Last night was the latest round of the Academy Awards, and not only were women and minorities well represented this year, so was sci fi and fantasy. Taking home best picture for the night was Guillermo del Toro’s acclaimed sci fi romance The Shape of Water. That one had received thirteen total nominations and it also won for… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV Series: A Discworld Series is in the Works and Halo is Back On; Wayward Pines Gets Cancelled; and More

By | March 2, 2018

 Sci Fi TV Development: BBC Studios is Bringing Discworld to Television, Halo to Star Filming Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens is already moving forward with Amazon and BBC Studios, and now another of his works will be coming to television.  BBC Studios is working on a six-episodes series based on his fantasy Discworld books.  That long-running series takes place… Read More »

Sci Fi Box Office: Annihilation Opens at Number 4, Black Panther on its Way to $1 Billion

By | February 27, 2018

 Alex Garland’s Annihilation arrived in theaters this past weekend with much anticipation from sci fi fans and with a good reception from critics. But that was not enough to overcome the unfortunate timing of following one the biggest box office hits of all time into the theaters, and the film had only a marginal debut as movie-goers continued… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV: Blair Witch and Culture TV Series in the Works; Lauren Cohen Could Leave TWD, and More

By | February 23, 2018

 Sci Fi TV Development: Blair Witch Series in the Works Lionsgate has a Blair Witch TV Series in the works, though there are not many specifics about it available at the moment. One of the original directors Eduardo Sanchez had this to say about a TV series in an interview last year: Well, you know. I can’t really discuss.… Read More »

Sci Fi Box Office: Black Panther Reigns Over the Cinemas; Annihilation Opens This Weekend

By | February 21, 2018

 Black Panther opened this past weekend, exceeding all the expectations that were already quite optimistic for the film. It pulled in $202 million for the three day weekend, which improved to $242 million when President’s Day is factored in. That gives it the fifth highest opening day weekend in the U.S. and it is on track to make… Read More »

Did Jack Kirby Create Black Panther and Other Major Marvel Characters or Did Stan Lee?

By | February 20, 2018

 The Black Panther movie hit the theaters this past weekend, setting all sorts of Box Office records as once again the Marvel Universe proves itself a franchise to be reckoned with both in terms of quality and revenue. The Black Panther character first appeared in the Fantastic Four comic book in 1966 (issue #52) while artist Jack Kirby… Read More »