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Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure

By | June 13, 2018

 In an alternate reality, an Iroquois scientist and her twin sons battle shapeshifting aliens. Telius wants to marry the man he loves. Argen struggles with the residual effects of a deadly drug addiction. Both twins help their mother face Valchondria’s greatest threats. Taldra accepted the title of Leader for Valchondria’s one-world government. Maintainer Admiral Nil blames her for… Read More »

New on Blu-ray: The 10th Kingdom

By | June 6, 2018

 Join an all-star cast as they find fantasy, action, romance and adventure in the Emmy winning® The 10th Kingdom! Beyond the mortal world lies Nine Kingdoms where the fantastic land of fairy tales and magic are brought to life – and reinvented. The themes and ideas of folklore and mythology perform fully as the classic characters enter a vortex… Read More »

Babylon 5 is Now Available for Streaming with Amazon Prime Membership

By | June 4, 2018

 Babylon 5 is the galaxy-spanning saga that centers around the titular station which serves as neutral meeting ground for all the races and nations of the known galaxy. Humans, Minbari, Narn, Centauri, and the Vorlons are the major powers who start out the series with a tentative peace, but when the ancient beings known as the Shadows arrive,… Read More »

The Infinity Gauntlet on Sale from Amazon in Kindle Edition

By | May 29, 2018

 The Infinity Gauntlet started the story that inspired Avengers: Infinity War and the kindle version is currently on sale.  This discounted price is only for a short time, so be sure get yours today! The Infinity Gauntlet Description: Collects Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #1-6. The Mad Titan Thanos has seized control of Infinity Gauntlet and with it near-omnipotent power!… Read More »

New in Comics: Black Lightning Hong Kong Phooey Special, Judge Dredd Under Siege, and More

By | May 28, 2018

 New in comics this week from Black Lightning Hong Kong Phooey Special #1 By: Bryan Hill, Denys Cowan Publisher: DC Comics Description: Back from Viet Nam, kung fu master Hong Kong Phooey has set up his own detective agency in the inner city. Meanwhile, Jefferson Pierce (a.k.a. Black Lightning) has uncovered a plot by three assassins to… Read More »

The Expanse Seasons 1 and 2 Are Available for Streaming with Amazon Prime Membership

By | May 23, 2018

 Description: The series is set two hundred years in the future, after mankind has colonized the solar system. A hardened detective and a rogue ship’s captain come together for what starts as the case of a missing young woman and evolves into a race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history. Starring: Steven Strait,… Read More »

New on Blu-ray and DVD: Batman Ninja

By | May 16, 2018

 Description: While battling Gorilla Grodd at Arkham Asylum, Batman is caught in Grodd’s Quake Engine time displacement machine and sent to Feudal Japan. There, he is chased by samurai working for the Joker. During his escape, Batman meets up with Catwoman, who reveals everyone else arrived two years earlier (due to Batman being in the outermost area affected… Read More »

Get Ready for the New Bill & Ted Movie with Their Most Excellent Comic Book Adventures!

By | May 9, 2018

 Yesterday, the righteous news broke that Bill & Ted Face the Music, the third movie in the franchise, is in the works. So what better way to prepare for that than to re-watch the first two movies and also to revisit their most excellent comic book adventures? Description: Spend some time with your old friends Bill and Ted in… Read More »

Coming Soon: The Space Action Series Starhunter Gets a Makeover and a Possible Third Season

By | May 7, 2018

 Starhunter: Redux is an updated, re-cut and re-scored 44 episodes of the hit cult classic sci fi series, and it will begin airing on El Rey at 8 pm EST on Tuesdays on May 29th. It presents a creatively different edition of the series closer to the creators’ original vision. It is also the precursor of the anticipated… Read More »

Patrick Duffy Returns to Man from Atlantis with a Novel Exploring the Character’s Origins

By | April 25, 2018

 Man From Atlantis debuted on NBC in 1977 and delivered four television movies plus an additional thirteen episode series following the mysterious man who can live underwater.  Patrick Duffy is well known by fans of the show for bringing the character to life, though he is better known by television audiences for his portrayal of Bobby Ewing on… Read More »