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New on DVD and Blu-ray: Blade Runner 2049

By | February 25, 2018

 Description: In 2049, with the powerful Tyrell Corporation under the control of the visionary scientist Niander Wallace, the bio-engineered replicants, NEXUS-9, seem to have integrated seamlessly into society. Purposed to eradicate the outdated rebellious NEXUS models, LAPD’s officer K–a new generation of Blade Runners–stumbles upon a dangerous and well-hidden secret that could easily undermine an already frail stability… Read More »

Get Ready Player One, Game of Thrones, Dune, and More on Audiobook from

By | February 22, 2018 has a huge selection of audiobooks, including a massive number of sci fi and fantasy titles from the latest releases to the classics. Listen to your books wherever you are with their free app—at home, in the car, at the gym. Even if you switch devices, you’ll never lose your place.  Here is just a small sampling… Read More »

IndieGoGo: Preacher Six

By | February 19, 2018

 If you like original content that is driven by action and amazing writing you have come to the right place. No remakes, redoos , sequals, do overs for us! Lets take film back!! If you like Quentin Tarantino type films, you will love this one!! “Preacher Six” is like “Taxi Driver” meets “Sin City” meets “The Prophecy” Please… Read More »

New on Blu-ray: Threads

By | February 15, 2018

 Description: In September 1984, Threads was aired on the BBC and shocked tens of millions of UK viewers. Four months later, it was broadcast in America and became the most watched basic cable program in history. After more than three decades, it remains one of the most acclaimed and shattering made–for–television movies of all time. Reece Dinsdale (Coronation Street),… Read More »

New in Books: The World of Orville

By | February 13, 2018

 Description: Four-time Emmy Award winner Seth MacFarlane creates a new sci-fi dramedy universe on the Fox Network with his new show, The Orville. MacFarlane plays Captain Ed Mercer, an officer in the Planetary Union in the 25th century who gathers a crew from the farthest reaches of the galaxy—his ex-wife included—to man the exploration vessel Orville and patrol… Read More »

New on Blu-ray and DVD: Gotham by Gaslight

By | February 7, 2018

 Description: Gotham City, at the turn of the century, is experiencing a golden era of discovery and industry as showcased by affluent businessman Bruce Wayne’s World Fair. Down in the darkest alleys, there is a killer on the loose. Preying on the city’s women, this killer is as precise as he is cruel. As Police Commissioner James Gordon… Read More »

Watch the Best Sci-Fi Shorts in the Universe at DUST

By | February 3, 2018

 DUST: Binge-watchable Sci-fi DUST is the first multi-platform destination for binge watchable sci-fi. We feature science fiction short films and other content from emerging filmmakers with stunning visual effects, captivating plots and complex character explorations. Robots, aliens, space exploration, technology, and human experience are all a part of DUST. Explore, subscribe and follow for more: Subscribe to DUST… Read More »

Kickstarter: The Fates, a Webcomic by kids 14 and under

By | January 31, 2018

 About the Project: Hello! This is our Kickstarter project for a comic called “The Fates” The comic is essentially about a girl who attempts suicide, putting her in a coma. She makes a deal with the Devil, if she can be a successful “fate” by detouring the suicide of a teen boy, she wakes up, if she fails,… Read More »

New on DVD and Blu-ray: Rendel Dark Vengence

By | January 29, 2018

 A brutal, dark avenger is born when a worldwide corporation known as VALA launches an untested vaccine into the market by bribing, threatening, and killing every official in opposition. Rendel unleashes his own special kind of hell against VALA, threatening to put an end the distribution of the vaccine. But, as blood spills and the money burns, VALA… Read More »

Join the Sci Fi Scroll for Genre News and Discussions

By | January 25, 2018

 Join the Sci Fi Scroll at Reddit for news, updates, and discussions on science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more. Our mission is to provide genre news to the community on a regular basis.  We believe in making it easy for our subscribers to learn and share the latest breaking developments in one place and join in on the discussion.… Read More »