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Sci Fi Shorts: Pets

By | May 5, 2018

 Description: The future is clean and easy, with the intelligent spheres guiding you through. This video is a student movie, made in Berlin. Credits: David Wunderlich (Director / Writer) Starring: Steven Preisner, Almuth Jabs, Frank Rungwald, Carole Lunt Comments: This is an interesting little sci fi film that might just make you wonder who is really in control… Read More »

Sci Fi Shorts: Embers and Dust (Presented by DUST)

By | April 29, 2018

 Description: For a curious young boy, The War of the Worlds is just the beginning. On the evening of October 30th, 1938 Orson Welles’ voice traveled far across the radio waves, bringing word of an invading alien army from Mars. The theatricality and delivery of the performance, along with recent memories of the Hindenburg disaster (one year prior),… Read More »

Sci Fi Shorts: Cockpit

By | April 21, 2018

 Description: In the midst of a deep space war, Carrier Captain must decide if it is worth risking the security of Earth to save a suffocating pilot who may or may not have been corrupted by the mind controlling aliens. Credits: Jesse Griffith (Director / Writer) Starring: Ronny Cox, Hellena Taylor, Karl Champley Comments: This space adventure is… Read More »

Sci Fi Shorts: FTL

By | April 15, 2018

 Description: A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible. Credits: Adam Stern (Director / Writer) Starring: Ty Olsson, Karin Konoval, Aliyah O’Brien Comments: This is a nice bit of sci fi with excellent CGI animation. Definitely worth the fifteen minutes it takes to watch it. Sci Fi Frontiers is a collaborative website… Read More »

Sci Fi Shorts: Hybrids (presented by DUST)

By | March 31, 2018

 Description: After the death of her daughter ex-special forces soldier seeks revenge on the aliens that committed brutal murder. Credits: Patrick Kalyn (Writer / Director) Starring: Daniella Evangelista, Kaitlyn Bernard, Lee Tomaschefski Comments: This is a nice bit of sci fi action with a touch of depth to it. It has a strong female lead and I liked… Read More »

Audiobook Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

By | March 29, 2018

 Book Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 Stars Audiobook Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 Stars Bottom Line: It delivers a geek-gasm love-letter to the 80’s and a decent science fiction tale read wonderfully by Wil Wheaton Ready Player One takes place in a near future when Earth is crumbling due to wars and deteriorating environmental conditions, and the majority of the… Read More »

Sci Fi Shorts: Sol 87

By | March 17, 2018

 Description: On his isolation cycle to Mars, Astronaut Commander Stephen James inadvertently discovers the darker side of the planet. This Science fiction thriller explores what a mission to Mars could look like in the near future. Credits: Justin Kruse (Director / Writer), James McDonald (Writer), Quddus Ajimine (Writer) Starring: James McDonald Comments: This is a very well down… Read More »

Sci Fi Shorts: R’ha

By | March 4, 2018

 Description: Caught in a large-scale and endless war, the sophisticated and utterly unstoppable machines seem to be winning the battle against their adversaries: a proud alien species. As a result, a technologically perfect robot interrogates a captive alien with the intention to locate the rest of his race’s survivors, pressing on with more and more unrelenting and horrible… Read More »

Sci Fi Shorts: Blackstar Warrior (DUST Exclusive Premiere)

By | February 24, 2018

 Description: In a 1970s version of the future, an egotistical space detective struggles to solve his biggest missing-persons case: finding his birth mother. After his parents’ deaths, space detective Tyson Roderick discovers their secret genetics lab and partners with his trusty funbot Alphie in a desperate quest to rid the galaxy of evil while searching for the secret… Read More »

Sci Fi Shorts: The Oceanmaker

By | February 17, 2018

 Description: After the seas have disappeared, a courageous pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds.  Winner of Best Animated Short Film at Phoenix Film Festival, WorldFest Houston, Belize International Film Festival.  Learn more about the film and buy the DVD at Writer/Director: Lucas Martell Comments: This is a beautifully animated and quite… Read More »