The Infinity Gauntlet on Sale from Amazon in Kindle Edition

By | May 29, 2018

 The Infinity Gauntlet started the story that inspired Avengers: Infinity War and the kindle version is currently on sale.  This discounted price is only for a short time, so be sure get yours today! The Infinity Gauntlet Description: Collects Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #1-6. The Mad Titan Thanos has seized control of Infinity Gauntlet and with it near-omnipotent power!… Read More »


New in Comics: Black Lightning Hong Kong Phooey Special, Judge Dredd Under Siege, and More

By | May 28, 2018

 New in comics this week from Black Lightning Hong Kong Phooey Special #1 By: Bryan Hill, Denys Cowan Publisher: DC Comics Description: Back from Viet Nam, kung fu master Hong Kong Phooey has set up his own detective agency in the inner city. Meanwhile, Jefferson Pierce (a.k.a. Black Lightning) has uncovered a plot by three assassins to… Read More »


Sci Fi Shorts: Anthem

By | May 28, 2018

 Description: Aliens sift through the contents of a time capsule as flashbacks show the last few minutes of the people who left behind the mementos shortly before the world ends. Credits: Jarrett lee Conway (Director / Writer) Starring: Ossie Beck, Sam Feuer, Christina Robinson, Thomas Phillips Comments: This is a poignant short film that uses its premise quite… Read More »


This Week in Sci Fi TV: Damon Lindelof Tries to Allay Fan Concerns on Watchmen TV Series, Matt Groening’s Disenchantment Lands This Summer, and More

By | May 25, 2018

 Damon Lindelof Says that his Watchmen TV Series Will “Remix” the Comic Damon Lindelof is working on the HBO adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen comics and knows that fans are nervous about the final product after Zack Snyder’s film generated a very divided response (I, for one, like the movie). Lindelof has written an open letter addressing how he… Read More »

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The Anti-Blockbusters: Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth

By | May 24, 2018

 We are in the midst of Summer Blockbuster season (see our rundown at this link), but in case you would like a respite from the mega-dollar, CGI-overload films, here’s a look at some genre entries from the past decade or so that delivered great movies without relying on a big-budget or excessive special effects. Rating: 5 out of 5… Read More »

John J. Joex

The Expanse Seasons 1 and 2 Are Available for Streaming with Amazon Prime Membership

By | May 23, 2018

 Description: The series is set two hundred years in the future, after mankind has colonized the solar system. A hardened detective and a rogue ship’s captain come together for what starts as the case of a missing young woman and evolves into a race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history. Starring: Steven Strait,… Read More »


Sci Fi Box Office: Deadpool 2 Beats the Avengers Out of the Top Spot

By | May 22, 2018

 Marvel comic book characters continued to dominated the Box Office this past weekend, but not one of the Marvel Universe entries. Deadpool returned for his second film, and he is part of the group that FOX owns the rights to which includes The X-Men (but Disney is in the process of buying them out and will be buying… Read More »


Kickstarter: Illegal Alien (Indie Comic)

By | May 21, 2018

 Overview: Illegal Alien is a new, twelve-issue miniseries created and written by Paul Axel and illustrated by Megan Fitts. Currently, five scripts are completed, and art for issue one is currently in production. This Kickstarter campaign is to raise the funds to produce and publish the first issue, both digitally and in print. Illegal Alien is a hard science fiction miniseries… Read More »


Sci Fi Shorts: Apocalypse Now Now (Presented by DUST)

By | May 19, 2018

 Description: Baxter Zevcenko might be a serial killer. His girlfriend, Esme, is missing, and he’s the prime suspect. To clear his name, he’ll turn to Cape Town’s grizzliest, drunkest bounty hunter, Jackson ‘Jackie’ Ronin. Little does he know that Ronin is a supernatural bounty-hunter, and that he’s about to be dragged headlong into a deep, dark Cape Town… Read More »


Guide to the New Sci Fi and Fantasy Show Pickups from the Upfronts

By | May 18, 2018

 In place of my usual This Week in Sci Fi TV column, I am doing a rundown of the new sci fi and fantasy shows announced during the upfronts. But be sure to check back here each Friday for a roundup of the week’s sci fi TV news. The Upfronts have passed and we now know the Fall… Read More »

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